College of Arts and Humanities


Dr. Matthew Flamm, Chair

Dr. Stephen Hicks

Philosophy, the love of wisdom, is a field of study devoted to fundamental questions concerning knowledge, truth, and experience: What is real? Does God exist? What is the self? What is morality? What is knowledge? Do I have free will? What ought I do with my life? What is justice and how should social problems/issues be addressed? These fundamental questions are posed and answered in diverse and original ways by major philosophers and traditions. Students pursuing a Philosophy degree can expect to develop knowledge, skills, and values transferable to every facet of human life.

The department offers the Bachelor of Arts degree for its major, plus a minor option, including a focused minor in Ethics.

Note: A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for the major and both minors.

Career Opportunities

Career options for Philosophy majors are numerous. Philosophy majors have proven successful in careers pertaining to law, business, writing, teaching, and editing. In addition to training students for graduate studies in philosophy and the humanities, the philosophy major is a popular choice for pre-law students because of its rigorous development of abstract, analytical and argumentative abilities that the study of philosophy makes possible.