Physical Education

College of Social Sciences, Commerce, and Education


Prof. Tammy Schiek, Chair

Prof. Ann Boe

Dr. Catherine Headley

Dr. Jason Hunter

Our Physical Education program prepares competent students to excel in the fields of exercise science, sport management, and teaching. Physical Education majors choose between three tracks: exercise science, sport management, or teaching. Students pursuing exercise science are able to apply science concepts in a variety of exercise science professions and earn a Health minor. Students seeking sport management apply business concepts and principles in a sport setting and earn a Business minor. Students exploring teacher licensure are prepared to teach Physical Education at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels and earn a K-12 Education minor. Physical Education majors are engaged in authentic learning experiences and interdisciplinary coursework throughout their program of study, which includes clinical settings and internships.


Lifetime Wellness (PHYP)


Two semester hours of Lifetime Wellness courses are required under the University’s General Education requirements. Successful completion of Wellness (PHYP 110) accounts for one hour. The remaining hour is completed by activity offerings, which emphasize lifetime fitness. Each PHYP course is one semester credit hour.

Modified Activities (PHYP 147) has been devised for students who have physical impairments and/or are unable to participate in typical course offerings. Students must receive approval through Lang Center for Health, Wellness, Counseling, and Disability Services and present written documentation of their activity restrictions.

Exercise Science Track 

Physical Education majors seeking a science-based curriculum must complete the Physical Education core and required track courses. Upon completion of this degree, Exercise Science candidates will also have earned a minor in Health. This track provides students with a program that will prepare them professionally and practically while engaged in authentic learning experiences. Physical Education graduates who pursue the Exercise Science track may find employment opportunities with sports organizations, park districts, recreational centers, wellness facilities, and hospitals. This track is also a springboard for graduate programs such as athletic training and sport medicine.

Sport Management Track

Physical Education majors seeking a business emphasis must complete the Physical Education core, and required track courses. Upon completion of the degree, sport management candidates will also have earned a minor in Business Administration (see Economics, Business, and Accounting Department). Students who pursue the Sport Management track may find employment opportunities with professional sports organizations, park districts, youth groups, recreational centers, and wellness clubs.

Teaching Licensure Track (Grades k-12)

Students interested in becoming licensed to teach Physical Education at the K-12 level must complete all Physical

Education major degree requirements, a K-12 Education minor for Physical Education, and additional General Education requirements for state licensure

Physical Education majors who successfully complete this course of study and pass the Illinois Licensure exams, will be granted a Professional Educator License (PEL) with a Physical Education endorsement K-12 to teach at the elementary, middle, or high school level.


Rockford University General Education requirements may not completely satisfy the standards for teacher licensure in Illinois. While some Rockford University requirements can be satisfied by proficiency or placement examinations, students may be required to complete additional standards-based coursework to meet state licensure standards. For further information, please refer to the licensure degree requirements below and the Education department section of this catalog.