Illinois licensure course requirements: Secondary and K-12 Endorsements

Rockford University General Education requirements, listed elsewhere in this catalog, do not completely satisfy the general education standards for licensure in Illinois. While some Rockford University requirements can be satisfied by proficiency or placement examinations, students must complete the required number of credits of course work to meet the state requirements. Transfer students should confer with their academic advisors or SAS to determine whether requirements have been met by previous course work.

Please Note: State of Illinois requirements may change to meet state standards and that the student must satisfy the requirements in effect at the time of graduation. See the Handbook for PEL Programs for more details.

I. Communication Skills—9 credits

Students must complete at least nine hours from the following:

RHET 101Introductory Rhetoric


RHET 102Intermediate Rhetoric


RHET 351Applied Rhetoric


RHET 101, RHET 102: or equivalent course work

II. Language and Literature—8 credits

Students may select courses from English literature, foreign languages, Classics, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

III. Science and Mathematics—12 credits

Math requirement

Students must complete at least 3 credits in mathematics at the 100 level or higher.

Science requirement

Students must complete at least one course from the biological sciences or from the physical sciences. The course must have a lab.

IV. Social Sciences—12-13 Credits

Students must complete the following courses (or equivalent).

U.S. History or American Government 3-4
Course work from Anthropology and Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology or History


V. Non-Western Requirement

Some students must complete a course that includes content related to non-Western culture. This course can also count toward General Education requirements. Students should confer with the secondary and K-12 faculty advisor or their major advisors.

VI. Health and Physical Development—2 credits

Students must complete the following courses (or equivalent).

PHYP 110Wellness


Physical activity course(s) (PHYP)


VII. Licensure Exams


The appropriate Illinois Content-Area Test must be passed for admission to student teaching. The edTPA must be passed prior to licensure.