College of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Jennifer Langworthy, Dean of Arts and Humanities

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree program in Humanities enables students to study a particular period, theme or topic through the humane disciplines. The Humanities major extends the general education requirements of the University to allow students to pursue further work in the arts, history, literature, philosophy and foreign language.

The major includes a core program of required courses conducted in a foreign language offered at the University and an upper-level special program. The core also includes upper-level literature courses in a student’s chosen foreign language of study, in addition to the 12 credits of that language earned for the B.A. degree. The special program (16 credits), which students will design in consultation with appropriate faculty members, may focus on a particular period – the later Middle Ages, for example, or the early 20th century – or on a particular topic such as American romanticism or Renaissance humanism. Finally, the senior project, which is based on research in a topic of the student’s choosing in consultation with their committee, is described below.